4 Signs Your Liver Needs a Little Love

The Beauty Chef 4 Signs Your Liver Needs a Little Love

Whether you’re welcoming the arrival of spring as we are in the Southern Hemisphere or prepping for the festive season ahead, this is the perfect time of year to hit reset. 

If—like many of us—the below sounds familiar, your liver might be telling you that your insides need some TLC. That’s why we created CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder™—a nutrient-dense, bio-fermented, super-greens supplement to help purify the body from the inside, out. With an intense dose of Certified Organic, alkalising wholefoods, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and antioxidants, it was designed to amplify your body’s natural detoxification processes and support smoother, clearer skin.

It’s worth noting that many of these symptoms could be indicative of other health conditions, so it’s always important to check in regularly with your health care practitioner.

You’re Bloated

Struggling with digestive issues is one of the most obvious signs that you need to reset. Symptoms like feeling bloated, gassy, nauseous or constipated are not only uncomfortable, they may hint bigger concerns like an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, leaky gut, food allergies, intolerances or IBS. The liver sends processed toxins to the bowels to be excreted, but if your bowels aren’t moving properly (as a result of your gut), your body can’t properly expel waste and toxins.

You’re Feeling Exhausted

While some degree of stress is inevitable, insomnia, being more tired than usual or even after seven or more hours sleep shouldn’t be par for the course. As the body’s chief detoxification organ, fatigue and lethargy might be signs that your elimination pathways are overwhelmed.

You Can’t Shake That Cold

If so, it’s likely your gut microbiome is out of balance. Since 70 percent of your immune system lies in your digestive tract, it makes sense that your body’s ability to fight a cold or flu is heavily reliant on the state of your inner ecosystem.

You’re Breaking Out

As we know, the state of your complexion a good indication of what’s going on inside the body. If your liver isn’t functioning properly, the skin attempts to pick up the slack by eliminating waste through the skin cells. The results? Pimples and acne. 

If this sounds like you, we’d recommend following our free 14-Day Cleanse Program, which is full of recipes and simple-yet-effective diet and lifestyle advice. 

Happy cleansing! 


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