Team TBC reveal their go-to products from The Beauty Chef range

At The Beauty Chef, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. In fact, the clinking of spoons and the buzz of the blender is a daily occurrence in our sunny Sydney office…

Every day without fail, we apply our lovely lotions and drink our probiotic potions – all in the name of good gut health, radiant skin and overall wellbeing. Needless to say, we’re certifiably obsessed with every single one of Carla’s creations, and it shows – each member of The Beauty Chef team radiates with health, happiness and vitality. Below, the team reveals their favourite glow-giving products from The Beauty Chef range… 

Sarah, Marketing & Digital Coordinator – GLOW Inner Beauty Essential™  

Since taking GLOW™ I have seen such a change in my overall gut health and I rarely feel bloated or sluggish! The biggest change that I have seen is with my skin – GLOW has completely eradicated my hormonal acne and given me a glowing complexion! I can’t go a day without it! 

Larissa, Product Development Executive – COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost™

COLLAGEN is one of my must-have TBC products, because I really see the difference in my skin when I take it. It visibly plumps my skin, but also I notice a big difference in my nails too. They grow faster and become so much stronger and less prone to chipping. COLLAGEN pairs so perfectly with GLOW™ in my morning drink and tastes like berries – I cannot go without it!

Tamara, Sales Administrator – FLORA FIX BALM™

Flora Fix Balm™ is my everyday go-to. I keep one on my desk, in my handbag and at home. I love it to hydrate my lips, soothe my dark circles and moisture my dry skin. It’s so rejuvenating and gives my skin an extra glow as well – I can’t live without it! 

Stephanie, International Sales Administrator – PROBIOTIC SKIN REFINER

I am definitely one to stand by the saying “beauty comes from the inside”, however, I do find a lot of benefit in using topical products for my skin as well. The Probiotic Skin Refiner is one of my daily go-to’s. Since using this product my skin has dramatically improved in tone and texture. When it comes to my skincare regime I do not skip a beat, the lactic acid content of the PSR means I am getting a gentle daily exfoliation which in turn gives me smoother and brighter skin, and who doesn’t want that!

Want to experience our staff favourites for yourself? Shop our limited edition Inside Out Beauty Kit and receive a free Flora Fix Balm™. 


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