Get gutsy with Carla | Why you should opt for organic skincare

The Beauty Chef - Get gutsy with Carla: Why you should opt for organic skincare


As our body’s largest organ, our skin – like our bellies – needs to be nourished with clean, pure, wholefood ingredients in order to stay healthy. That’s why applying topical treatments that are neither organic, nor natural, can affect to our overall toxicity levels – contributing to both gut and skin health issues.


By opting for organic, natural skincare, however, you can help to nurture and boost your skin’s own ability to regulate and rejuvenate.


Did you know our skin has its own microbiome?

Our skin (like our gut) has its very own microbiome, that acts as our protector against pathogens, irritation and inflammation. Essentially, our skin is also our immune system’s first line of defence so it’s important to keep our skin’s natural barrier robust and healthy.

Commercial cleansers and harsh exfoliators however, can strip the skin of its natural oils, as well as beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. As our skin is also porous, any chemical or topical treatment we apply may be absorbed into our bloodstream.

There are loads of chemicals to try and steer clear of, but some of the most common offenders include parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).


Choose organic, botanical ingredients instead.

When selecting your topical skincare, it’s best to keep things simple. Choose products that are derived from wholefoods and botanical ingredients which are more gentle and designed to nourish and feed your skin. As I often say, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient – or you wouldn’t eat it – don’t put it on your skin.

One of my favourite topical products is our Probiotic Skin Refiner which is made using the bioactive liquid from the fermentation of our powders. It’s my biggest skin secret and a product I have loved for many years now. This little miracle worker is naturally rich in lactic acid, so it helps to synthesise collagen, refine the complexion and boost skin cell turnover. The probiotics that naturally occur in the product also help to balance the skin’s natural flora, so your skin feels softer, smoother and more radiant.


What are your top skin secrets? We’d love to know!


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