Ask Carla | Do The Beauty Chef products replace my probiotic?

The Beauty Chef - Does The Beauty Chef replace my probiotic?


The Beauty Chef’s range of Inner Beauty Powders and Boosts are created using Flora Culture™, our unique bio-fermentation process. This helps to boost the nutritional value of our ingredients and creates a broad-spectrum natural probiotic to help improve digestive health and promote glowing skin.

For many people, our products are their only probiotic supplement, but without a more in-depth health history, it’s difficult to determine whether The Beauty Chef products are the only supplementation you need. If you’ve been prescribed other supplements by your healthcare practitioner then it’s important to chat with them about the best course of action to take, especially as for those of you with more specific digestive issues, you may require more specific or concentrated strains of probiotics.

On the other hand, if your current supplementation regime has been self-prescribed, you may discover that your daily dose of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder provides you with all the nutrients and probiotics you need to feel your best.


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  1. Richa

    Hi Carla what’s the difference between glow and

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