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The Beauty Chef began through my own personal journey with skin issues as well as those of my daughter. I was looking for a real solution for my daughter’s eczema and allergies and I couldn’t find anything on the market that targeted the underlying root of the problem, as opposed to band-aiding it. Having suffered from eczema as a child, and frequenting a naturopath, I had a good understanding of the correlation between what you put into your body and the state of your complexion. With time, after making changes to my diet and consuming specific nutrients, my skin healed.

When my daughter experienced similar issues around eleven years ago, I put her on a gut healing protocol as I had read some nutritional papers on the link between digestive health and eczema. I removed certain foods from her diet and introduced lacto-fermented, probiotic-rich foods into her diet. The change to her skin and health was profound and I noticed when I ate these cultured foods, my skin was “glowing”.

From there I created GLOW, The Beauty Chef’s first Inner Beauty Powder, rich in 24 bio-fermented superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics based on the brand’s philosophy, “Beauty Begins in the Belly”. I am very passionate about the area of gut health, for glowing skin, health and wellbeing and am proud that we are the pioneers in this area; working alongside naturopaths, nutritionists and microbiologists, delivering potent but delicious food-based formulas to help people be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.



Our philosophy at The Beauty Chef is that ‘Beauty Begins in the Belly“.

Our gut is where 70% of our immune system lies, where we make nutrients and antioxidants that help to synthesise and protect collagen, metabolise hormones, make detoxifying enzymes and neutralise pathogens. More and more studies show that consuming probiotics can be helpful for a range of skin problems. The root cause of many skin issues is inflammation and research is showing that where there is gut inflammation, there will be skin inflammation. Studies also show that people with a healthy gut microbiota have a better fatty acid profile in their skin, which means their skin is more hydrated and moisturised.

Our products are literally alive with beneficial bacteria that help to balance digestive health!  If you want beautiful, glowing skin, you need to start with a balanced, healthy gut.



More than twenty years of research have gone into the development of our unique and natural bio-fermentation process called FloraCulture™, which involves introducing a mother culture made up of a variety of Lactobacillus strains and beneficial yeasts into the ingredients to ferment for a period of 6-8 weeks. The bacteria break down the ingredients, making the nutrients more available for the body to use, so in essence, supercharging the food (as well as helping to neutralise any anti-nutrients like phytic acid found in grains and legumes).

Our Flora Culture process also produces a natural, broad-spectrum probiotic; unlike a probiotic you may get in the supermarket which carries only one or two strains, our products offer multiple natural, food-based strains. Lacto-fermented foods not only produce probiotics, they also act as prebiotics – which feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Both are important for helping to balance and boost gut health.



We work with leading microbiologists, employing cutting-edge research to deliver a scientifically formulated food-based probiotic which we believe is essential for digestive health and skin radiance.

We are devoted to doing more and more research into the correlation between gut health, and certain strains of bacteria and how they impact the health of the skin and overall health and wellbeing.



All of our ingredients are natural and wherever possible we use Certified Organic or Biodynamic wholefoods as opposed to synthetic vitamins. Studies show organic foods have greater levels of nutrients than conventionally grown produce, and when these foods are combined with our natural fermentation process, powerful, live and bio-active formulas are created, making our Inner Beauty Products truly good for your body, beauty and belly.

While some people are low in certain nutrients and synthetic nutrients may be very helpful, I believe that these types of supplements should be customised for the individual. For example, a person with too much iron is not going to benefit from a hair and skin supplement that is rich in iron. In fact, too much iron is a pro-oxidant and can help generate free radicals in the body. Unless you know your blood levels of certain nutrients, synthetic supplements may promote premature ageing as opposed to preventing it. Nutrients in foods come in a far more balanced form and in fact, complement each other.

For example, your body needs zinc, vitamin C and magnesium to be able to utilise essential fatty acids in the body, which is why we put seeds, vegetables, grains and legumes together in our GLOW Inner Beauty Powder. And the carotenoids (antioxidants) in Dunaliella Salina found in our GLOW powder become more available when consumed with fats (found in the seeds in the formula), as carotenoids are oil soluble.


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4 Replies to “ASK CARLA | What makes The Beauty Chef unique?”


  1. Anmol Sanon


    Can you please tell us more about complextion and
    how is it determined by what we eat?

    Moreover, how can we cure acne naturally?

    Thanks and regards

    • The Beauty Chef

      Hi there,

      There is a strong relationship between gut health and clear skin, which researchers have been studying for decades.

      Generally speaking, our gut needs the right nutrient and microbial balance for our skin, hair and nails to be healthy. If this is out of balance, inflammation in the gut can occur and spread throughout the rest of one’s body. How that inflammation spreads is different for every person as it is systemic, meaning that it can manifest as different symptoms all over the body. For many, this can have a direct impact on the skin and complexion.

      Simply put, research shows that where there is gut inflammation, there is skin inflammation and that people with a healthier gut microbiota, have a healthier fatty acid profile in their skin – meaning their skin is more moisturised, hydrated and protected.

      Therefore, a natural method to clearer skin is to feed your body a broad range of probiotics, prebiotics, nutrients and superfoods. x

  2. Suzy K

    I suffer from IBS and rosacea. A low FODMAP and
    lactose free diet has helped somewhat but just
    wondering if you have any other members who
    have had the same issues and had success using
    your products and also if you could tell me what
    benefits I’m likely to see. Thankyou

    • The Beauty Chef

      HI Suzy, thanks for your comment! Anecdotally, we find that many of our customers who follow FODMAP diets are able to enjoy our products due to the fermentation process – however everybody is different. We would recommend beginning with reduced dosages of each products (as low as 1/8th tsp) before gradually building up to the recommended daily dose. We recommend GLOW Inner Beauty Powder to begin with, as it is quite gentle. In combination with COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost, many people have seen great results when dealing with rosacea.
      I hope this helps! Take care,

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